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TKActions V6


TKActions V6

TKActions panels went modular with the release of the  V5 panel . So now, instead of updating a mega panel, the individual modules can be improved and released when they are finshed. While there have been two minor updates to V5 modules, the RapidMask2 module is the first major upgrade. It effectively replaces the V5 Intro, RapidMask, and LayerMask modules, so it marks the beginning of the new TKActions V6 panel. Additional major updates to V5 modules are planned and will be added to the V6 series when they are completed.

NOTE: For anyone who has purchased the V5 panel for Photoshop CC previously or a V6 module during this transion, V6 updates will be free. Customers eligible for a free update of the new RapidMask2 panel have already been emailed links to the updated installation files directly from the download server. Be sure to check your email's junk/spam folder if you missed it. Also, be sure to add the server's address as a safe email contact to insure future updates go to your inbox and do not get sorted to the spam/junk folder and are overlooked. The address to add as a contact is: client@e-junkie.com.

TKActions V6 RapidMask2 module TKActions V6 RapidMask2 layer menu TKActions V6 RapidMask2 module TKActions V6 RapidMask2 module

The TKActions V6 RapidMask2 module is another big step forward for luminosity masks and custom Photoshop extension panels. Some screen shots of it are shown above. The one on the far left shows the actual module. Different functions that can be accessed are shown in the other three images. RapidMask2 is designed exclusively for Photoshop CC to take advantage of the HTML5 architecture that Photoshop CC can accommodate. The Rapid Mask engine still powers the new module but its function has been significantly improved. The interface was also extensively revised and there are many new functions and featuress.

While RapidMask2 is a major update, it reatains all the functionality of the V5 modules. In addition to the underlying Rapdid Mask engine which makes luminosity masks at near real-time speeds, the new module still provides an integrated 16-bit workflow for creating and deploying masks, rollover help, history tracking, active selection indictor, and all the other innovative features that made the V5 so useful. The video below provides an overview of RapidMask2. There is also an  instructions PDF  that reviews the module in detail.

Where to Get It

The TKActions V5 panel is available on the  Panels & Videos  page. During the transition from V5 to V6, customers will receive all modules from both versions. They can choose which ones they prefer to use.

Sean Bagshaw Videos

Sean Bagshaw is an expert user of luminosity masks. For many years he has helped me improve TKActions and has created numerous videos that teach photographers how to use these techniqeus. For the RapidMask2 module, Sean added five new videos to the TKActions "V5/V6 Video Guide." In this series, he examines all the V5/V6 modules in detail. The videos cover how to install the modules, how to set up Photoshop for luminosity masks, how to use the various buttons, and ways to incorporate the panel into a any workflow. Sean has a unique ability to explain even complicated things in a manner that makes them understandable to almost everyone, and while the modules really aren't all that complex, Sean shows just how easy it is to use them. The "V5/V6 Video Guide" is avialble on the  Panels & Videos  page. The introductory V6 video can be viewed below.

I hope you find the V5/V6 modules useful in your photography. As always, please feel free to  contact me  if you have any questions or suggestions.